Q: Who researches and creates all of the tours?

A: DC Walkabout is a small group of storytellers and local tour guides who have collaborated to bring DC tourism into the modern information age with our audio tour guides! We love what we do, and we love that we can now bring you such a rich and dynamic tour experience!

Q: Are your DC walking tours filled with great stories, interesting facts, historical recordings, music, and sound effects?

A: Yes.

Q: How can I purchase one of your awesome DC walking tours?

A: All of our tours are available for download anytime on ITunes, Google Play, and Amazon MP3. Remember to get the map on each respective tour page!

Q: Can I download the audio walking tours to my IPhone, Android phone, or IPad?

A: Yes! As all of our tours are available on ITunes, Google Play, and Amazon MP3, you should be able to get them on any mobile device or phone, including any and all IPhones and Android phones.

Q: Why should I take one of your audio tours?

A: Our tours allow you to decide when to take a tour. Whatever time is good for you is perfect, whether it be 3pm or even 3am! You will never have to struggle to hear a tour guide in a large group ever again, miss the tour if you are late, have to rearrange your schedule, or be turned away if the tour is full. With our audio walking tours, you also learn more facts and history with the added benefit of historical speeches, music and sound effects that would otherwise be unavailable to you in a normal tour, all of which means you get a richer experience. Lastly, our tours are both more affordable and available than any other tour in Washington DC!

Q: How long are the audio walking tours?

A: Most of the tours are about 45-60 minutes in length, and when you account for walking time in between stops, the estimated time for most of the tours is about 1-1.5 hours. Of course, with an audio tour you can take your time and stroll or go faster and run, it’s all up to you and at your own pace!

Q: Do I have to walk? Can I take a running tour or bike tour?

A: That is entirely up to you! While most people enjoy our dc tours as walking tours, you are certainly welcome to turn them into a dc running tour, dc bike tour, rollerblade tour, skateboard tour, or anything else you can imagine. We provide the tour stops, you decide how to get there − have fun!

Q: How do I contact you with any questions?

A: You can email us at info@dcwalkabout.com or you can call us at 202-421-4053.

Q: I loved your tour, how can I write a review of it?

A: Great! We would love to hear about your experience. You can email us, write a review on Tripadvisor or Yelp, or just tell everyone you know!

Q: What are your purchase/privacy policies?

A: Most of the tours are available on Itunes, Amazon, and Google Play, and any and all purchase policies when using them are as provided on those platforms. For anything else, you can read our policies at dcwalkabout.com/policies.php